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Multi-Functional Compact Cable Card with 22″ USB-C Cable & USB-A/Micro-USB/Light/OTG USB Adapter Kit Cable Convertor Storage Box for Traveling Phone Pad Charging PC Computer Data Transfer

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Product Description

cable cardcable card

This Multi-Functional Data Cable Set includes one data cable and several adapters, which can be used to solve the problem of carrying multiple data cables when going out.

cable cardcable card

The length of the cable is about 56cm / 22″. It can be used to charge Type-C interface phones and transfer data between a phone and a computer, or between two phones. Up to 65W PD charging can be supported by using this cable.

A Type-C to Light adapter,

a Type-C to Micro USB adapter,

and a Type-C to Type-A adapter

are included in the package for charging Light interface,

Micro USB interface, and Type-C interface phones or tablets respectively.

cable cardcable card

The package also includes 1 OTG adapter for connecting mouse, keyboard, flash drive, etc.

Additionally, the set comes with a storage case and the case can hold 1 TF card and 2 Nano SIM cards. Besides that, a free card removal tool also can be put into this case.

cable card cable card

cable card cable card

cable card cable card

Business Design


Phone Holder

Good Choice for Traveling

cable card cable card

cable card cable card

cable cardcable card

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In Pocket

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Compact Design, With the small size of 3.65”x 2.55”x 0.5” and weighing only 65g. it is easy to be taken in pocket, wallet , handbag and also great for on-the-go & traveling.
Attach the adapters to the Type C-C cable(supports PD 65W charging), those data transmission speed of the adapters are up to 480Mbps, realize safe charging and data transfer.Besides,the OTG Adapter can help you connec mouse, keyboard, flash drive, etc.
It provide 1 TF card and 2 Nano SIM card storage slot (includes a free card removal tool ), which can help you to swap and store memory card easily and anti-lost. The cable card can be expanded into a mobile phone holder.
Package Includes: 22″ Type-C to Type-C Cable x 1,Type-C to Light Adapter x 1,Type-C to Micro USB Adapter x 1,Type-C to Type-A Adapter x 1,OTG Adapter x 1,Card Removal Tool x 1. Note: This cable card does not contain memory card.

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